August 6: Back to Reality

My suitcase has been unpacked, the pile of laundry is done, and I’m mostly caught up on sleep. I have officially arrived back home from my whirlwind of a trip to the UK.

Now that I am back on a normal sleep schedule, I have had time to really digest everything I saw while I was over there. I visited so many fabulous libraries and met so many great librarians over there. I know that professionally this was a great experience. On a personal level, this trip was equally amazing. I met so many cool fellow LIS students who I now count as friends and look forward to seeing them at various conferences in the years to come.

When I look back on this month, it was much better than any of my previous Julys. Usually they consisted of work, which was nice because I made money. But this summer, I visited England, France, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland! I had never been outside continental North America, so this was something I had dreamed about forever. While it was a lot of money, the experience was worth it ten times over.

It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve been back, and I’ve basically adjusted to life back at home. However, while I’m working on the paper and looking through my pictures it keeps making me realize afresh just how great this last month was.


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